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The journey so far

Updated: Jan 10

By Holly Fitzpatrick + Finlay Carroll


This project and play did not appear overnight! We have been slowly growing the project behind-the-scenes for many months of Covid craziness. With each phase, new additions to the team have propelled the project forward. Now, we have a wonderful group of talented and kind creatives to bring the play to stage. But let's take a look back at the very beginning.

The seeds of Lavender were planted as part of Holly’s Creative Writing Dissertation at the University of Exeter - it was messy, dirty, gritty, playing with the sickly feeling in your gut that goes with nostalgia. Even in this early stage, two women took centre-stage. One was a Christian, engaged, whose naivety was a meticulously constructed fort, whilst the other was a witty butch trainwreck with a softness for childhood and need for sex. In its few pages, Finlay saw potential. After an initial workshop we discovered its future: Lavender would become the queer two-woman show that was native to, and celebratory of, the LGBTQ+ coming-of-age in the South West.

With a team on board, Lavender secured a place on Exeter Fringe Festival’s artist development programme. With Exeter Library as our host for a week, we explored the intricacies of queer adolescence, its relationship with religion and other heteronormative forces, as well as the scripting of the play. This week culminated in a short performance of the material to South West cultural leaders and incredible local artists. Through this sharing at Exeter Fringe, we were able to develop partnerships with Exeter Library, Exeter Phoenix and Theatre Royal Plymouth. We soon secured a place at VAULT Festival in 2022, and this is where you meet us!

In the past few weeks we have been joined by the fantastic Sophie Leydon as director and Susannah Bramwell as co-producer, as well as Grace Duff on sound design and Adi Currie on lighting design. Each of these additions adds further experience and energy behind the project!

Lavender needs your help to get to Exeter Phoenix and VAULT in 2022. If you are able to support us please visit our crowdfunder and give what you can. Love! Finlay and Holly.

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