The play

A crude and chaotic history lesson in the lives of two young queers. LAVENDER is a new play rooted in memories of a South West childhood. Characters Lucy and Nancy are down-to-earth, despicable, and completely familiar. Conceived by a Torbay-based writer, this story seeks to protect LGBTQ+ histories both personal and political.

Our project includes: 

  • Workshops at Exeter Library for LGBTQ+ youth

  • A work-in-progress sharing for queer artists at Theatre Royal Plymouth

  • A premiere and panel discussion at Exeter Phoenix

  • Performances at the Omnibus Theatre, Clapham

Devon. A butch Marxist trainwreck who works in the cereal aisle. A Christian with an engagement ring and the voice of an angel. Surrounding them is fifteen years of history. The rubble of polyester thongs, dolls and skipping ropes. Future uncertain, Nancy and Lucy must face up to where it all began: sharpening pencils and plucking the wings off flies, aged seven.

“Beautifully written, performed, staged, and produced”

- Professor Jana Funke (Associate Professor of English and Sexuality Studies, University of Exeter)

The project

​We believe that more early-career creatives should feel empowered to make bold work in the South West. We are particularly interested in helping to raise underrepresented voices in this region.


  • Stage Queer Female stories: there is an absence of authentic LGBTQ+ female narratives in the regional creative landscape. We want to challenge this intersection of sexism and homophobia and provide a vibrant and empowering representation of queer women onstage.

  • Connect queer creative people in the SW: our workshops and panel discussion will celebrate queer creative expression in Exeter and Plymouth, connecting young people with academics, artists, and LGBTQ+ community members to create networks that do not currently exist.

  • Chart a pathway for SW queer artists to cultivate high-quality work and share it nationally: LAVENDER amplifies underrepresented voices in the South West, showing emerging artists that the area need not be hostile to their career ambitions. 

  • Showcase the potential of the SW: Performing LAVENDER at the Omnibus Theatre allows quality work from the South West to reach new audiences, critics and collaborators, and raise the profile of this region’s artistic work.

“Important and vibrant queer theatre emerging from the fabric of Exeter”

- Alex Jackson (Co-Founder and Director of Exeter Fringe Festival)